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Boost customer dining experience through faster service.  On-site personnel will have more time to focus on serving customers.
General Manager | 許禮麟Nara
Each booking will receive a text message reminder, reducing No Show percentage. There is no need to teach customers how to download APPs, greatly reduce labor and time replying and confirming reservations.
CEO | 袁悅苓Extension 1 by 橘色
Having all of the customers’ preferences in the system, new recruits will not have to worry, even if regular guests of the restaurant dine again.
Chief Operating Officer | 杜湘怡theDiner 樂子
With a push of a button, the system will automatically call and text the customer, improves service quality and reduce work load.
Store Manager| 詹巽智詹記麻辣火鍋

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For the past two years, inline has worked with restaurant partners in developing ways to solve problems faced by restaurants, thereby improving service quality and operational efficiency.

Welcome you to experience the future of catering industry together.

INLINE founder, Doris

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