Digitize restaurant management with these key features

So easy, even your intern can use it

So easy, even your intern can use it

Quickly manage bookings, queueing, and tables with an iPad. You’ll wonder how you ever survived by pen and paper!

All your bookings in one place

Let guests book from anywhere, anytime

Manage the bookings you receive from your website, Facebook Page, and phone all in one place with inline’s integrated, always in-sync solution.

Automated booking confirmation

Never spend hours trying to confirm a single booking ever again

Let inline place calls automatically to confirm bookings instead. Guests can keep track of their bookings on any web browser.

  Easy table management

Manage your tables with ease in the palm of your hand

Know the status of your tables with the customizable table map. Arrange seats for guests with bookings and increase turnover by seating walk-ins.

Collect feedback from guests

Know what your guests think

Customize questionnaires and send them to your guests during or after their visits. Managers are notified when a guest wishes to speak to them.

Know what you’ve done right and what you can improve to wow your guests the next time they visit.

Powerful relationship management

Make your data valuable

Data no longer lives in your dusty old notebook.

See visit frequency, cancellations, and special preferences of guests in one place.

Gain actionable insights with beautiful visualizations

With just a few taps, you can see booking trends, returning guests, and walk-in information. The beautiful visualizations will help you gain actionable insights for improving operations.

Show your appreciation and get your guests to visit again with vouchers

Who doesn’t like freebies? Thank your guests and fill your tables with customized vouchers.

Run promotions that can be easily tracked in inline.

Segment your guests

Use your data to segment your guests and create that special bond with tailored offers. Know who your guests are before they walk in that door and give them an unforgettable experience.

Wait, there’s more!



Choose whether a deposit is required for bookings and know when a guest has paid.

Permissions management

Permissions management

Specify admin or general access to ensure your valuable data is only seen by those who should have access.

Online booking management

Online booking management

Easily control the maximum number of daily bookings to prevent overbooking.

Table Service

Table Service

Assign servers to tables and collect feedback from guests to offer better service.

Queuing status on kiosks and TVs

Queuing status on kiosks and TVs

Let guests check their queueing status on kiosks or TVs.

Online ordering service

Online ordering service

Let guests place orders to go and manage the orders on an iPad.

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